Rolandstahd is a bustling port city located on the northern bank of Lake Klíshe. The economy is mainly ship building, various seaport trading, and iron manufacturing. The city itself also has a thriving gladiator games culture and a full sized stadium for it.

The city itself is ruled by a senate of elected politicians and the royal family. Both work together. The senate allows the people to have a voice in politics while the royal family is the original ruling force that established the city long ago.

Current politics are now dominated by a blood relative of the royal family who, after eating 2/3rds of the council brought about much reform that is proving very prosperous to the city-state of Rolandstahd. This blood relative, after using the royal army and navy to defeat the army and navy of the council, reveled herself to be a Green Dragon and with the reluctant admittance of the mages guild, that by using magic she was determined to be the closest blood relative to the original King of Rolandstahd.

There is a very powerful mage guild within the city. It works heavily with the government. At the higher levels, it conducts research and provides advisers to the royal family and senate. All lower level mages are required to help out with the local police force for their first few years. They provide investigation and combat support for the heavy situations. Mages in the guild tend to learn heavily in divination and combat magic as a result. Because of the unique blend of magic and traditional arms, the police force is very powerful and crime is kept at a minimum.

The gladiator games provide a source of entertainment for all of the people. Every inhabitant has their favorite teams and any tavern will always have folks talking about teams, key gladiators, and past fights. The games themselves are set up with various conditions but never involve any deaths. Gladiators fight with dulled weapons and all armor is allowed. They also seek to disable but never kill any gladiator. Killing a gladiator is regarded as a social faux paus and ostracizes a gladiator from society. The local clerics tend to the wounds and the worst wounds tend to be broken bones and the rare concussion.

The city is an ancient city and the name is largely shrouded in mystery. Presumably named after Roland, it is unknown if it was one person or a family. The royal family has no ties to the name Roland.

The surround economy tends to be made of logging and iron mining. This has helped with the ship building the city thrives on. The logging and mining companies tend to be a bit more lawless in the country and it is not unheard of them to develop small wars between companies. As long as the killing is kept quiet and out of the city, there is little the government can do about it.


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