Kingdom of Berth

The Kingdom of Berth lies on the western boarder of the Terem Mountains. While Berth lacks many major cities or towns, the laws of conscription have it so every citizen can be called upon for service in the Royal Army of Berth. The Kingdom’s landscape is almost entirely foothills, which makes for poor farming and roads. There are no major exports from Berth as most of its peasants make due subsistence farming or raising herd animals such as sheep or goats. The only known way to reach Valarian Valley is to travel through the Kingdom of Berth to Valor Pass.

The ruler of Berth is King Othmus IV.

Places of Note

Beryl: The capital and only settlement of note in the The Kingdom of Berth.

Lodrin Village: A ruined village on the boarder of The Kingdom of Berth that has the only intact bridge on the Jesibil River.

Jesibil River: A deep, fast moving river that defines the northern board of The Kingdom of Berth.

Kingdom of Berth

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