Fuller River

The Fuller River cuts through the Valarian Valley like the fuller on a sword, and that is where it got its name. Even though it is names for part of a blade, as rivers go it is fairly calm, just a short distance from the mountains it is borne from, the river becomes unnaturally wide, slowing down tremendously from the raging river that cuts through the mountains. Many Valarian youth spend summers searching for small gems and minerals brought down from the mountain by the spring thaw and rain. Few streams feed into the river along its length in the Valarian Valley but many irrigation ditches are cut into it. Recently a large aquifer was completed near the Summer Ford which supplies water to Valor Hold via the aqua duct.

While the river is slow, it is still wide and deep, while most people can swim it, moving supplies this way is undesirable. During the spring and early summer there are only 2 safe ways to cross, either at the Old Stone Bridge or Mountain Arch Bridge. Once the thaw and rains have subsided in late summer it is safe to cross the river either at Summer Ford or Thomas’ Ferry.

Old Stone Bridge: This huge stone bridge spans the entire river and is almost 1/4th of a mile wide. It is the only completed structure in the valley left by the Dwarven Nations. Around the bridge on both sides are many buried stone foundations and multiple now weather-worn and partially pilfered piles of cut stone blocks.

Mountain Arch Bridge: What seems to be only a single support rail across the Fuller River located almost at the eastern end of the Valarian Valley is suitable for little more then foot crossings. This can be very treacherous as it is only a few feet above the water during the spring. Even with the addition of a railing using this crossing is discouraged unless completely necessary.

Summer Ford: Named aptly, Summer Ford is the only place where a wagon can be driven across the Fuller River. Stone ramps are set leading into the water and under the built up mountain silt lies a worked stone road. The river itself widens even further here, so the ford is almost 2 miles across, but in places debris has made little islands. During the spring and early summer the water is still far to treacherous to cross, but in the late summer through end of winter a grown man can almost safely walk across it. The only place a person find difficult is a 50 foot across section that is cut deep enough to let a small boat be pulled through.

Thomas’ Ferry: Thomas Slington maintains a small ferry and barge on the Fuller River charging a modest price for his services.

Fuller River

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