Located directly south along the road from the ruins of Lodrin Village, the only safe crossing of the Jesibil River, Beryl is the capital city and the only major settlement in the Kingdom of Berth. It is the seat of the court of King Othmus IV of Berth.

The city’s laws seem a bit unusually strict. There are specific laws for how you must pass people of a higher class in the street, for instance.

The most famous private citizen is Thomas Underrock. His kitchen serves up beef and barley stew: the best in the world, some say.

There is a mysterious Curiosity Shoppe in a dark corner of the market, run by a strange old crone. She has a tome that appears to contain descriptions of many different rare, unusual and magical items, and may be persuaded to make a deal, if she’s offered something interesting enough…


A testament to change (a failure of fate) Falchen westwind