A testament to change (a failure of fate)

One Day in Beryl

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While waiting for the proper time to leave Beryl – so they would arrive at Valor Hold at the proper time – the party had a day to kill. Here’s how they spent it.

Jason visited the temple district to learn about this region’s gods, and spent some time tending the small shrine to Apollo.
Henry went to some seedy bars to see if he could learn something about the hobgoblins that were being thrown at the party like fodder. They were organized, funded, and well-equipped, which means somebody might have heard something.
Gwarryn picked up a map and researched the area’s flora and fauna.
Timothy studied the manual of item enchantment, and sought enchanting (or at least reasonably-priced) company in the evening.
Corbin wandered the city talking with others who appeared to be adventurers, with whom he swapped stories and tips, and children, in whom he hoped to foster the same excitement for adventure that he had as a kid.
Zaylan bought a light mace and practiced using it.
Wraya did nothing in particular.


Falchen westwind

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