Valor Pass

Valor Pass is a 45 mile cut through the Terem Mountains leading to the Valarian Valley. While it is called a pass, much evidence such as cut stone and ruined stonework suggests that while the whole pass may not be worked, it is definitely not completely natural. The pass can be as 2 miles wide in some places, but will


Valor Hold: Actually made up of two forts with an adjoining pair of walls in between.

Quarry Way: A north cut road leading to first to Quarry Lake and eventually to the Ancient Quarry.

Quarry Lake: A small in circumference but very deep freshwater lake made by a filled in quarry or strip-mine.

Ancient Quarry: A very old quarry north of Valor Pass.

Old Quartz Mine: A mine shaft cutting into the Terem Mountains along Valor Pass.


The common belief which is back up by scholars is that Valor Pass was created by ancient Dwarven Nations to lead to Valarian Valley which is where they planned on building an above ground city for trade during one of the Ages of Prosperity. It is not known why the pass was not completed (it was widened at places to make it as much as 2 miles across) but depending on who you talk to or what book you read it was everything from Dwarven cynicism to Dragon Hordes, in truth, no one really knows.

Valor Pass

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