Titanite Society

The Titanite Society is little more then a rumor to most, but in reality it consists of many individuals and groups working together against the onset of evil in many forms. The Society is a powerful decentralized source of good, but they are most know in legend for their aid to Great Heroes in attempts to bring about Ages of Prosperity.
According to The Great Archives, the Titanite Society was founded during the first Age of Prosperity. The tales go that, after many millions were killed in wars and strife, it was decided that while there is no way to stop corruption and evil from rising again, if a group of people remained ever vigilant to fight against evil and aid other Great Heroes when the time was right.

Through centuries the group evolved from one centralized organization to a conglomeration of separate groups and individuals. Many members of the Society belong through groups which in the past were absorbed into the Society still keeping their name, tradition and agenda while pledging to support the the Titanite Society. While some kings are members, using their countries to aid the Society, most rulers view them as usurpers and actively hunt them covert and overtly. Because of this each part or person operates relatively independently, working together when needed but very rarely coming together as a whole for the sake of protection and secrecy.


Little is known about the Titanite Society by the average person, rumors of knights with secret armies, Castles hidden in the mountains and oceans. As times get harder, Bard’s stories about the Society and its exploits become more and more outrageous. While little truth can be gleamed from these tales, oddly most of those telling them these tales are members themselves.

The two things in common about all members, no matter what sect they come from, each member will wear a Titanite on their clothing, normally in a piece of jewelry like a broach or ring. The second is all members of the Titanite Society speak Halfling.

The reason that Titanite is used is because of its ability to mimic most other gemstones. Titanite naturally can be found in all colors and its crystalline structure allows it to be cut into almost any shape. While a Jewelry of some skill or a caster using Identify Mineral can easily know the difference, to the untrained unmagicked eye it is undetectable. The choice of language is a bit more obscure, but it is seeped in common sense. Halflings have never been known for much more then their abilities as entertainers, cooks and farmers with little ambition for things greater than comfort. Because of this, they and their language are overlooked by those in power or wanting power as it would serve them no purpose except the proper pronunciation of various types of smoking herbs.
Players as Members
Players who start as members of the Titanite Society receive the following bonuses:

+5 bonus to appraise checks to identify minerals and gemstones

+4 circumstance bonus on diplomacy when dealing with members of the Titanite Society

Bonus Language: Halfling

All members gain +1 in Knowledge (History) and Knowledge (Religion), they are always considered class skills.

Choose two of the following skills to receive a +1 bonus: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Heal, Perception, Sense Motive, Stealth or Survival.

Titanite Society

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