Midlands Pantheon

The Midlands consist of many mixed Kingdoms, Baronies, Empires and unclaimed lands located north of the Jesibil River. While the river itself is not the border, a large span of wilderness acts as the cultural barrier. The Midlands Worship the traditional Greek Pantheon.

Zeus is carefree and loved to laugh out loud. He possesses the perfect knowledge and is just, merciful and prudent. However, he is rather unpredictable, since no one could guess the decisions he will make.

Alignment: CG

Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Strength, Weather

Favorite Weapon: Javelin


Hera is a beautiful but not really desirable, mature woman with big eyes and pierced lobes. She is depicted as wearing an ornate crown on her head, elegant clothes woven by Athena and tightened with a belt, and golden sandals were hugging her feet. She is the Goddess of marriage and Family, though tales tell of her being often bitter and jealous.

Alignment: LN

Domains: Community, Healing, Law, Protection

Favorite Weapon: None, Clerics of Hera gain the Skill focus feet at first level


Poseidon is considered to be the bad tempered, moody and greedy god. He is the god responsible for natural and supernatural events, mainly the ones associated with the sea world. He possesses a trident which is so powerful that it could shake Lyiuth. Poseidon can cause tempests and earthquakes, drown lands, shatter rocks and had the ability to finally bring back peacefulness.

Alignment: CE

Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Water, Weather

Favorite Weapon: Trident


Hades is the god of the Dead. He is the supreme ruler of the Underworld. Almost never does he leave his gloomy kingdom but resides there instead, surrounded by darkness and silence. His worshipers can call upon his favor to release a portion of a soul to come back and reanimate the husk it left behind.

Alignment: LE

Domains: Darkness, Death, Evil, Law, Repose

Favorite Weapon: Greatclub

Ares, the god of War, is the son of Zeus and Hera. Unlike most other gods of war, Ares is not by nature evil, he is the pure embodiment of war, but not the atrocities that are sometimes associated with war.

Alignment: CN

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War

Favorite Weapon: Spear and Warhammer


Apollo is the god of the Music, the Sun and Prophecy. While Apollo is somewhat of a carefree god, his followers are considered zealous in their hunting and destruction of the undead. He is also the only god of the midlands Pantheon to have Paladins.

Alignment: LG

Domains: Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Sun

Favorite Weapon: Warhammer or Morningstar


Hephaestus is the God of craftsmen and laborers. He is a very kind and lovable god, but is the only deity who is physically ugly and lame. Shrines to him are seen in almost every Guild Hall throughout the Midlands. Many Dwarves in the Midlands will pay head and offer tithe to him even though they have their own Pantheon.

Alignment: NG

Domains: Artifice, Earth, Fire, Protection, Rune, Strength

Favorite Weapon: Greataxe


Hermes is the speediest of all gods. Because of his speed, He received the role of the messenger and conductor of souls to the Underworld. He is the only god who is authorized to visit Heaven, Lyiuth and also the Underworld. Hermes is also less known as the god of the cheaters and the thieves due to his nature of trickery and theft.

Alignment: N

Domains: Air, Liberation, Luck, Repose, Travel, Trickery

Favorite Weapon: Short Sword


Demeter is a peace-loving deity and the source of all growth and life. She is the goddess who provides all nutrition to the Lyiuth and taught mortals how to cultivate. Demeter has some clerics, but most of her divine power is given to druids.

Alignment: NG

Domains: Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant, Water, Weather

Favorite Weapon: Flail


Athena is the goddess who taught mankind various skills such as weaving and sewing to the women and agriculture and metallurgy to men. She always gives precious advice and stands by those who follow her. She is the goddess of knowledge and magic, with many of her followers learning both about divine gifts and the use and nature of magic.

Alignment: CG

Domains: Glory, Healing, Knowledge, Magic

Favorite Weapon: Long Sword


Aphrodite is the most attractive goddess. She is the goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth, arousing desire to gods and humans as well as birds and beasts. In addition, she is connected with the death/rebirth of nature and human beings.

Alignment: CN

Domains: Animal, Charm, Liberation, Trickery

Favorite Weapon: Whip


Artemis is the goddess of the Hunt, the Moon; protector of expectant women and the young. She is considered the much less fickle goddess of travelers and while most people tithe to Hermes in hopes of a good journey, they pray to Artemis for the same.

Alignment: NG

Domains: Animal, Glory, Travel

favorite Weapon: Longbow

Lesser Gods and Cults


Dionysus is a god known for his lightheartedness and always offers his help to anyone in need. He is therefore very popular among gods and mortals and many festivals are held every year in his honor. Nevertheless, Dionysus is many times misunderstood and sometimes revered as the god of jokes and riddles.

Alignment: CG

Domains: Good, Luck, Trickery

Favorite Weapon: Net


Hestia is personified as the fire that is burning in the hearth of every home. She can be worshipped in any temple, regardless of the god it is dedicated to because she has no temples of her own. All Olympian deities respect and love Hestia because of her kind, forgiving soul and her discrete character, since Hestia never participates in any disputes or wars.

Alignment: LG

Domains: Community, Healing, Protection

Favorite Weapon: None, Clerics of Hestia gain Brew Potion as a bonus feat

Cult of Erinyes

The Erinyes are cruel earth goddesses who symbolize divine vengeance. The Erinyes persecute people for perceived crimes such as disrespect, injustice, perjury or arrogance. Their lust of punishment knew no bounds, for they kept punishing a sinner even after his death. Those who follow the Cult of Erinyes believe that they should bring justice to all, king or commoner. They are slightly sadistic in their work, and often the punishment that they mete out is hugely disproportionate to the supposed crime. Members of the cult view themselves as above the law and take pleasure in the pain that they cause.

Alignment: NE

Domains: Evil, Fire, Madness

Favorite Weapon: Heavy Mace

Cult of Heroes

The Cult of Heroes does not worship a specific god, but instead asks for power and guidance from those mortals that overcame the gods and their pettiness to truly triumph. Most members of the Cult of Heroes revere all heroes but ask specifically to one for guidance. The Cult of Heroes is viewed as highly heretical by most of the Midlands, the idea of asking mortals who bested the gods for favor instead of paying service to the gods themselves.

Heroes: Worshipers only gain their hero’s domain and must be the same alignment, but also gain the following feats: 1st level Iron Will, 5th level Great Fortitude, 10th level Lightning Reflexes, 15th level Toughness, 20th level Diehard. If the character already has the feat, he gains it again as this is a divine boon.

Achilles, LN, Domain Glory, Favorite Weapon: Spear and Short Sword

Agamemnon, LN, Domain Nobility, Favorite Weapon: Spear and Short Sword

Heracles, CG, Domain Strength, Favorite Weapon: Clerics of Heracles gain the feat Improved Unarmed Strike

Jason, NG, Domain Travel, Favorite Weapon: Longsword

Odysseus, NG, Domain War, Favorite Weapon: Battle Axe

Theseus, LG, Domain Knowledge, Favorite Weapon: Short sword

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Midlands Pantheon

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