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  • Hancher

    *Location:* Two hours ride upstream (east) from the mouth of the Klíshe River estuary. Hancher is entirely on the Southern bank of the [[Lake Klíshe | Lake Klíshe]]. Canals that now divide Hancher into five districts were once used to irrigate the …

  • The Barony

    Castle of [[:wlad-devries | Baron Wladimir deVries]]. The Barony defines the eastern edge of the Majate District. The Castle is constructed of dark gray stone and, by law, is the easternmost structure in the [[Hancher | Hancher]].

  • Grand Temple of Apollo

    Temple of Apollo constructed in the Silvarum District of [[Hancher | Hancher]]. It is the largest structure in the district.

  • Marked Fisk

    Fish market in [[Hancher | Hancher's ]] Sonral District, the best seafood will be found here just after mid-day when the deliveries from the coast arrive.

  • The Locker

    [[Hancher | Hancher's]] largest Inn and Beer Garden, The Locker is owned by Jones Dawi. The Locker is situated on the river in southwest corner Jeavons District. Sailors and Fishermen are often found here in the winter months when the harbor is frozen …

  • Zaylan deVries

    Zaylan deVries Parents: Gore deVries Viotia (Colwyn) deVries Nephew of Baron Wladimir deVries Hometown: Hancher Zaylan despises Wladimir's flaunting of wealth and power, and the oppressive rule Wladimir imposes over the Barony's populace. …

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