Wladimir deVries

Baron of Hancher


Age: 52

Observations on Wladimir’s Rule of Hancher:

Often called the Hancher Hammer (though never in his presence), Wladimir’s rule could be kindly described as despotic. Though the edicts he issues are generally fair, they are also generally worded (read: open to interpretation). Wladimir makes a habit of interpreting the edicts in such a way as to provide the greatest disadvantage to the accused. Further, he never misses an opportunity to make the punishments for any given transgression (real or imagined) disproportionately harsh.

Him and his entire family met their demise battling against a group of adventurers lead by his nephew Zaylan deVries.

Wladimir deVries

A testament to change (a failure of fate) Falchen ubiquae