A mysterious stranger


A mysterious man from the east. He appears to be an arcane spellcaster of some sort, and is likely a man of nobility or other political power as well.

He first appeared to the party in Wayford, in the guise of an old man. He attacked them with summoned undead at the grave of Marian Oris, and later appeared in Valor Pass where he said he’d already kidnapped the prophesied child and offered the party power, knowledge and money in exchange for the Angel’s Tear they possessed. He is believed to have contracted Grumush of the Legion (and of course his legion of hobgoblins) to aid his search.

Viscoth is the last Destined One. He traveled to the East and was never heard from again. Rumor holds that he was turned into a vampire.


A testament to change (a failure of fate) Falchen westwind