Cyril Agiostas

Paladin Captain



Agiostas is solidly middle-aged, with a way of carrying himself that commands attention and speaks of extensive experience. His short curly hair, once black, is now streaked with gray. He is relatively short, with a stocky, powerful build.



The second son of a noble family in INSERT MAJOR MIDLANDS CITY, Agiostas was groomed for the priesthood from a young age. While his family traditionally served Athena – the oldest sons always trained in either wizardry or military leadership and tactics, depending on their dispositions – Cyril found service to Apollo more suited to his own disposition. Specifically, he found that the more active stance of the church of Apollo in fighting the darkness in the world resonated with him.

After Cyril’s paladin training, he left the temple to bring Apollo’s light to dark places, as most paladins do. He joined a band of adventurers called the “Heralds of Sunrise,” and during his travels with them he was approached by the party’s informally-acknowledged leader, a bard named Hyacinth, with an offer to join the Titanite Society. After satisfying himself through both discussion with her and prayer to Apollo that his membership would not conflict with his code, and in fact was often aligned with it, he accepted.

After his induction and training he returned to the Heralds. He doesn’t speak much about those days, and when he does he usually downplays their actions, so most people aren’t really sure where the band traveled and what dangers they faced. After another several years, the group split up and went their own separate ways.

Cyril returned to the temple where he was himself trained, and became the martial trainer of all of the young acolytes. Many of the youths regard him with fear: he can seem to be a merciless drill sergeant. However, he is merely pushing his students to the edge of their capabilities, so they will grow stronger and more capable of survival. The students also rarely see the other side of him – he is an accomplished lyrist, as well as a connoisseur of fine wines. He maintains contact with the Titanite Society, and keeps an eye out for people he believes would understand the message and goals of that group.

Cyril Agiostas

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