Charles Vincent

Gladiator trainer and retired adventurer


Charles Vincent is a retired adventurer that works in the city of Rolandstahd. He works in one of the more prestigious gladiator schools acting as a mentor.

Charles spent his time with an adventuring crew none as the Burning Light. The Burning Light started as an adventurer crew that would search for lost treasures. As time went on, they developed a more mercenary point of view and would take one the evil in the world. Hiring themselves out, they would destroy menaces to local villages and towns. Although they worked for cash, they would take whatever the people could afford to pay them and work on destroying threats from bandits to monsters.

It was through these travels and adventures that Charles became the powerful fighter he is. He is a master of virtually every weapon one can find. He also seems to know a little bit about any story or legend and especially any creature from myth or story. Because of his extensive adventuring career, he has accumulated a vast array of magical items and weapons. At all times, some of these will be on his person.

After the Burning Light retired and the members went their separate ways, Charles Vincent made his way to Rolandstahd. There, the worked in the gladiator games and eventually became a teacher in them. He trains new gladiators in weapons, combat, and strategy. He also acts as a father figure for many of the gladiators. He is well respected throughout the city because of his successful ability to train and seek out talent. He can often regale any listeners with stories of his travels but it is clear he has seen horrors that he will not share.

He is an imposing man despite his age. With a mane of white hair and beard, he stands roughly close to seven feet in height.

Charles Vincent

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