Sol Serine

High Priestess of the Burning Light of Apollo Temple


Sol Serine was the high priestess of the Burning Light of Apollo Temple. Though in her 70s, she was considered a formidable fighter. It is written that her great-grandmother was at the Battle of Sun and Moon, where she drove off the eastern heathens after years of fighting. Her great-grandmother called forth the sun in the blackest of nights while the enemy slept, and then led her warriors to slaughter them in their own camp. When meeting Sol Serine, most would have believed that she too could call down the sun itself. Many Kings and Generals tried to woo her to gain the power of her Sisters and Paladins, but she remains devoted to her cause.

She was secretly a high priestess of the Cult of Erinyes, and in the year leading up to her death had made many moves to send away or capture those faithful to Apollo. She and the rest of her cult sect were defeated by the party.

Sol Serine

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