Aben Sist

Head of the Merchants and Mayor of Valor City


Aben is an older man, some 50 years of age. He was an able merchant in his younger days and came to Valor Hold once he was already well established. He saw an opportunity and investing much of his fortune created a successful trading city called Valor City. He has always been the Mayor as no one will run against him, and he also sits at the head of the small merchant organization that has started in Valor City. He fancies himself a politician, sometimes overstating his importance as the most powerful man in the Valarian Valley and feels he should negotiate with the heads of state in other lands.

His duties as Mayor are few so he keeps up on the local and foreign gossip, and not a trader from a far off land can enter the city without his knowing, and if he is inclined, a friendly visit to chat and see what the merchant has for sale.

Aben Sist

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