A testament to change (a failure of fate)

The Downfall of Wladimir deVries

Rough draft from my notes, to be fleshed out and written later.

Contact will meet us at The Locker: tall man, striking red hair
The Locker’s next to a skin coloring place made out of an old ship: Ex-Trireme Tattoos
Inside the locker, they see a tall man with shoulder-length red hair and a goatee. Finely-dressed, rapier, cloak, nice hat.
Redcliffe family – renowned horses
Back room of the Locker
Zaylan’s name came up in discussion – “Hey, I know that name”
Wlad bought his way onto the Assembly a while back. Ruthless. Last time someone questioned, ~30 ended up head-staked in front of the castle. Holds his position through money and fear. Nobody knows where the money comes from, but there are rumors…
Kellin offers lodgings at the Redcliffe estate – accepted
Corbin heads out of the room and sees an elf, who notices his Titanite
Elf trying too hard to pass for human, a piece of titanite set into a ring – waiting for the back room to open up
Hands Corbin a scroll tube
6 monetary writs, 2k gold each
Corbin grabs 2, unnoticed in the smoky room
Everyone else pulls one
Redcliffe Manor: meal
Wraya brews potions, Jason talks to Nerick and reads the book of prophecy, everyone else drinking and talking
Nerick drinks a bit and goes to bed

Half-day’s ride
Message from Zaylan – appreciates looking after his companions, but has to do some things Discussion about killing Wlad. Kellin says it’s personal, he and Zaylan will be fighting over who gets to kill him. Wraya offers to heal Wlad so they BOTH can kill him. Jason takes a ride to pray for guidance, disgusted at the discussion—vengeance, not justice.
Afternoon in town for most
Writ comes for Kellin
Head of the Trader’s Guild – Richard – was found guilty of conspiring against the council, sentenced to hang in 2 days
Kellin knows he’s straight-up, not conspiring against anybody – need to rescue him
Kellin looks into it: constabulary wouldn’t arrest him because they couldn’t prove anything, so he’s being held in the old Slate estate, a former noble family that was supposed to be “in league to overthrow the Assembly” and butchered to the man about 6-7 years ago
Scouting elf: front, back, kitchen doors. None are visible to each other. Balcony on third floor, four guards with mail coats and crossbows. Four guards at front, two at back, one at kitchen. Guards by stables, roving mounted patrol. Maybe a half-dozen inside. Didn’t see Richard on the top floor, but there’s an entrance to the cellar in the kitchen. Lawn is flat field; hedge and gate. Kellin recognizes the sketched livery: wealthy house, said they made their money in piracy and bought their way in. Cutthroats. When this estate was taken, they butchered with smiles on their faces.

Assault on the house
Climb over the wall, but noticed and a signal flare goes up
The men in the guard uniforms were street urchins dressed up and given weapons
Real guards were hiding inside the stablehouse: Pirates and more traditional armsmen
As they fell, the last two ran but were captured
Tie up a sellsword and knock him unconscious
Fight over letting the pressganged urchins go
Collect Richard – enchanted in stasis, left alone in the house

Enchantment on Richard dispelled; he starts to wake up
Hanging the next morning, Jason goes to see who they hang: the sellsword… and Richard’s family

Zaylan and Jason talk about Kellin – they know something’s up and he’s faking knowing anything about the Titanite Society, but since his story about his fiancee’s death checks out, his motivations are pretty clear, so they decide to play along. He thinks he’s using the party, but they know they need him too – he has contacts in the region, and they all want the same thing.

Wlad’s party:
Kellin + Wraya (date), Jason bodyguard
Eadric (posing as Elven ambassador who doesn’t speak common), Henry bodyguard
Zaylan enters – dead silence

Jason and Henry sent out between the outer & inner walls
Young noblewoman tries to get herself insinuated as Eadric’s date, he works her out to a balcony and tries to Charm Person her – she makes the save, he passes it off as a kiss
Kellin + Wraya posing as young lovers
Wlad approaches Zaylan – “So you’re back” “I figured out I was on a bad path” “Bad paths end at the worst places” “That’s why I was getting myself off it” “I may have a… job for you”
Jason notices that ~60 of the servants outside aren’t really servants – they’re fighting men in disguise. Total 400-500 servants. One or two in each retinue – not in a group
Kellin + Wraya go out in the garden “for some fresh air” – Wraya sees assassins creeping in with blackened swords

Clock tower chimes 11pm, and all of the fighting servants start moving to the carriages
Jason bluffs – knucklecrack & nods at one of the “servants,” gets a headnod back
Hear death gurgles from the area, sees men in armor moving with military precision

Kellin talks to his dad, tells him to get out – “what, you think I’m going to let them do this alone? Get your big brother out of here”
Kellin in bathroom – “Two words, who’s your target?” “Who else?”
Get in to him before his mages are able to seal the sanctum. North tower

Jason and Henry – 7 or 8 people scaling the wall, a few other adventurer-types

Crossbowmen scale the balcony and take out the guards – Wraya and Henry cover Corbin
Vlad bolts to the back

Eadric flies off to harry and slow the mages sealing the sanctum

Rest of the party works their way down the long hallway, killing each of Wlad’s sons (whom he’s left with guards) as they pass
Kellen collected the scalps of each of the sons
Party reaches the north tower sanctum and stop the magi sealing the door
Inside, Wlad was at the back of the room with his remaining sons. A large calling circle was in the center of the floor, with four summoning circles around it. Animated statues began walking towards the party, and as the party passed them and the summoning circles, he summoned devils. From the large calling circle he brought forth a large bone devil.
Party splits up, some on the large devil and some against Wlad and his sons and guards at the back
After the devil was sent back to hell, the party reformed to deal with the humans
Wlad distracted Kellen with an illusion of his dead fiancee
Killed Wlad’s last remaining sons, but he flew into the air, out of the range of anything the party could do—but he could fire spells down at them
Kellen pulled out the bag of scalps and dumped them out, taunting Wlad
Wlad descended, viciously felling Kellen with vampiric touch – but coming within range of Henry, who was able to grab hold
The rest of the party pummels him, and Zaylan puts his rapier through his heart

Kellen was on the wrong side of death’s door on the floor, but in desperation Jason pumped him full of divine energy and through the grace of Apollo managed to bring him back, though he was in bad, bad shape.


Falchen westwind

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