It has been a thousand years since the last great hero was born, corruption reigns now. Kings and bandits differ only in the amount of land they hold, powerful mages enslave whole villages with magic, calling forth demons and devils to do their bidding. In the east they say the land is controlled by lords of unliving flesh, raising humans like cattle for their unending hunger. Yet hope in the form of prophecy has come, the signs were right some 19 years ago, somewhere in the land was born a great hero, with the power to undo the wrong and bring peace and prosperity back to the lands.

For the past 19 years those with power have been searching for this hero, most wish to bring him under their banner, others just want him dead, fearing his existence alone will upset the balance they enjoy. While everyone is not searching with malicious intent, still some organizations and a handful of fiefdoms have been able to cling to the ideas of good, though it seems good’s long term strategy was much worse then evil’s.

A testament to change (a failure of fate)

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